Psychological Home Negotiating Tip Allows YOU to DOMINATE Home Negotiations

Did you know there are more than 10 ways to use influence & psychological triggers when negotiating a home offer to purchase to get a better deal?  I’m not kidding, things like social proof, reciprocity, authority, scarcity, anticipation, stories, liking and the list could go on, can be used to negotiate a better deal on a home.  Today we are only going to focus on the “the reason why.” Which in my opinion, is one of the best triggers to use when negotiating a seller down in price.


There is a quick video below on how this applies, with a real life study and then an example of how you can use this in real estate.  When you’re watching the video make sure you pay special attention to the real estate example, because you need to make absolutely sure the SELLER hears the reason why your offer is coming in lower than the list price.



So, you’ve watched the video now what?  Well if you aren’t working with us at the Strategic Real Estate Team contact us to find out how you can put us to work for you today!  Otherwise, if you’re going to work with a different company or agent make sure at an absolute minimum you send a cover letter with your offer to purchase giving your “reason why” the offer is coming in at where it is.

If you’re looking to get a better real estate deal make sure you start using the reason why today!

Remember when you think real estate, think Strategic!



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